3D printer Controller Board

RAMPS 1.4 control panel printer Control Reprap MendelPrusa

Item No.: FUT6307


1,it hasright-angle coordinate robotand provisions ofextruder.

Extended to the 2controland other accessories.

The 3 heater/fan outputand 3thermistorcircuit MOSFET.

4 fusion5Aadditional safety andprotection

5 heatingbed control11A fuseadditional

6for5 Pololustepper driveplate

7.Pololuplatedynatron,so theycan be easily replacedor removedforfuture design.

The 8.I2Cand SPI pinsleftfor futureexpansion.

9 of allMOSFEThooked intoPWM pinis universal.

10 servotype connectorfor connecting to aterminal block,a motorand a light emitting diode.These connectorsgold-plated,rated current is 3A,very compact.

The 11.SD cardadd-is now availablefrom Kliment- Sdramps

12.LED indicates theheateroutput

The 13option 2motors are connected to theZPrusaMendel