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Safety issues in welding work

There are several risk factors connected to welding. The arc emits extremely bright light and ultraviolet radiation, which may damage the eyes. Molten metal splashes and sparks can burn the skin and cause risk of fire, and the fumes generated in welding can be dangerous when inhaled.

These hazards can be avoided, however, by preparing for them and by using the appropriate protective gear.

Protection against fire hazard can be accomplished by checking the environment of the welding site in advance and by removing flammable materials from the proximity of the site. In addition, fire-extinguishing supplies must be readily available. Outsiders are not to be allowed to enter the danger zone.

Eyes, ears and the skin must be protected with the appropriate protective gear. A welding mask with a dimmed screen protects the eyes, hair and ears. Leather welding gloves and a sturdy, non-flammable welding outfit protect the arms and body from sparks and heat.

Welding fumes can be avoided with sufficient ventilation at the worksite.

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