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  • Welding automation ( 2015-5-8 )
  • The mechanisation of welding is divided into four levels according to the proportion of work stages done mechanically with a welding machine
  • General ( 2015-5-8 )
  • In MIG/MAG welding, an arc is created with the power supply through the welding gun between the welding wire being fed and the work piece. The arc fuses the material being welded and the welding wire, thus creating the weld.
  • Safety issues in welding work ( 2015-5-8 )
  • There are several risk factors connected to welding. The arc emits extremely bright light and ultraviolet radiation, which may damage the eyes. Molten metal splashes and sparks can burn the skin and cause risk of fire, and the fumes generated in welding can be dangerous when inhaled
  • Welding norms and standards ( 2015-5-8 )
  • Several international standards and norms apply to welding processes and the structure and features of welding machines and supplies. They contain definitions, instructions and restrictions for procedures and machine structures to increase the safety of processes and machines and to ensure the quality of products.
  • The purpose of shielding gas ( 2015-5-8 )
  • The shielding gas often plays an important role in the productivity and quality of welding. As its name suggests, the shielding gas shields the solidifying molten weld from oxygenation as well as impurities and moisture in the air, which may weaken the corrosion-tolerance of the weld, generate porous results and weaken the durability of the weld by changing the geometrical features of the joint. The shielding gas also cools down the welding gun.
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