Shield for Arduino

MEGA Sensor Shield V1.0

Item No.: FUT6201
Arduino MEGA Sensor Expansion Board V1.1 containing Xbee wireless data transmission bluetooth serial SD interface

When we create various interactive works by Arduino MEGA, we often need to use some sensors or circuit modules. For those who are familiar with electric circuit, building a simple modular circuit with breadboard or universal board is just a piece of cake, but who those laymen, it definitely a tough nut to crack.

We can easily connect those frequently-used sensors to this sensor expansion board. Plus, this sensor expansion board supports all sensors on sale in our shop. For those aiming to create interactive works, actually ,their focus is on functional side instead of circuit structure. So when trying to connect this sensor board with sensor modules of specific function, you need to consider how to write programs with Arduino so that data transmitted by these sensors can be read and your final work can be done successfully.  


1. Expand 54 digital IO interfaces(48 servo interfaces) and power supply;
2. 16  
 IO interface and power supply;
3. 1 digital port external power source terminal;
4. Automatic switch between digital port external power supply and onboard power supply
5. ISP download interface
6. 3 serial external interface
7. Reset button
8. Xbee/APC/Bluetooth Bee bluetooth wireless data transmission interface
9. IIC/I2C/TWI interface
10. 3.3V output port
11. SD card module interface
12. 3 serial interface

13. L(PIN13)indicator