3D printer Kit

cnc shield v3 engraving machine 3D Printer+ 4pcs A4988 driver expansion board + UNO R3 with USB cable

Item No.: FUT8111
Product Description
CNC Shield Board:
● Latest Arduino CNC Shield Version 3.0
● GRBL 0.9 compatible
● 4-Axis support (X, Y, Z , A-Can duplicate X,Y,Z or do a full 4th axis with custom firmware using pins D12 and D13)
● 2 x End stops for each axis (6 in total)
● Coolant enable
● Compatible with A4988 or DRV8825 stepper driver
● Runs on 12-36V DC

Arduino UNO R3 Board:
● MCU: ATmega328
● USB interface: ATmega16U2
● Operating voltage: 5V
● Digital I/O pins: 14 (including 6 with PWM capability)
● Analog input pins: 6
● I-I/O pin output current: 40mA max
● 3.3V output current: 150mA max
● Flash memory: 32 kB (0.5kB used by bootloader - included)
● Static RAM (SRAM): 2 kB
● EEPROM: 1 kB
● Clock speed: 16MHz

A4988 Stepper Motor Driver:
● A4988 Stepper Motor Driver Board is a breakout board for Allegro's A4988 DMOS Micro stepping Driver with Translator and Overcurrent Protection

Low RDS (On) Output:
● Automatic current decay mode detection / selection
● Mix with slow current decay modes
● Synchronous rectification for low power dissipation
● Internal UVLO
● Crossover-current protection
● 3.3 and 5 V compatible logic supply
● Thermal shutdown circuitry
● Ground fault protection
● Load short-circuit protection
● Five selectable step modes: full, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8 and 1/16

Warning: Connecting or disconnecting a stepper motor while the driver is powered can destroy the driver. (More generally, rewiring anything while it is powered is asking for trouble).

Packing List:
● 1 x CNC Shield Board
● 1 x UNO R3 Board for Arduino
● 4 x A4988 Stepper Motor Driver
● 4 x Heat Sink